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Why you should own a USD debit card

If you have used the popular way to pay and needed to exchange your funds to USD, you’ll note that the conversion rate is rather lower than the prevailing market rate. Yet, since you have a choice, you’ll have to push through with the exchange. If you try to exchange that same amount from USD back to the local currency, you’ll notice that the amount is way less than it was originally. 


Being trapped by the exchange

To know that you lose money when exchanging a currency to USD is irritating, especially when you have no choice. Your mind becomes trained to accept the conversion loss but it is still difficult to accept. There is no need to swallow what is done to your funds when exchanged. You no longer have to be trapped as there is a way out. When you send and receive funds internationally, you’ll be able to avoid losing money due to low exchange rates.

A US dollar debit card 

There won’t be any hassle of having to convert local currency to USD if you own a debit card that accepts dollar payments. As more and more people use online payment methods to include that of debit cards, to use own one with the most accepted currency which is US dollars is a smart move. 

Acceptable everywhere

If you will notice when you search through eCommerce sites and even other websites that offer services, that they usually display their prices in USD. This is because most of these online businesses come from the United States and therefore prefer that type of currency. It is the most acceptable currency worldwide. 

Pay using US dollars 

When you come across those sites, instead of having to go through the motions of converting your money and having to pay extra for the exchange rate, using a debit card that already has funds in USD can make things easier for you to purchase. You won’t even have to pay for the exchange rate since you won’t have to convert any of your local currency any longer to transfer your funds.

Advantage of using a debit card 

Since debit cards are cards that are already prepaid, that means making purchases or sending money using these cards won’t incur any debt since you are using the money that you already have. Also, acquiring these types of cards does not necessarily have to be from your bank. This means that getting your own debit card is much easier than having to apply for a credit card.

Apply for a US dollar debit card 

You can even use one of the best payment providers to get your very own debit card that has funds already in USD. All you have to do is request one and wait for the card to be sent to you. Putting money into your card is also made that much easier. Whenever you want to put funds into your card, you just have to send the money that you already have in your account with the payment provider and send it over to your debit card to load it. Funds may also be sent to your debit card by anyone from anywhere in the world.